Ohio Skies - Stars, Planets, Suns & Moons

Nikon P900, Nikon P1000, Canon 80D & Canon R Cameras


I'm just an old gal who loves to watch the sky and share the incredible wonders above us from over here in NE Ohio. :)

In December of 2016, I received a zoom camera, the Nikon P900, to help document the weird & wild skies around here. It took quite awhile to learn as the early footage shows - it's atrocious (lol). Eventually, many many months later I learned how to manually focus the camera. I struggled along with it and slowly got better, then in early 2018 I received a DSLR camera, the Canon 80D.  In Sept of 2018 the mega-zoom camera was released - the Nikon P1000.  I do stumble and fumble, but the progression does improve. My best & favorite footage is the 'lost' stuff of July through October 2018  - now I only have the low quality YouTube & Facebook versions. Oh well...

Playing Around in Final Cut Pro X - 4 Dancing Planets, August 25, 2018